15 Mistakes Most People Make On Cyber Monday

While Cyber Monday is a great day to buy what you need at a great price, the overwhelming advertising can cause even the most frugal person to overspend.

15 Common Cyber Monday Mistakes

Buying More Meaningless Stuff

lthough it’s a great opportunity to get holiday gifts for our loved ones, we all often also use the opportunity to buy stuff for ourselves. So here’s a hint: Don’t do it.

Buying Gifts For Every Single Person You Know

Not everyone in your life needs a present! There are other options if you can’t afford Christmas.

Buying Something If You Haven’t Had It On Your List For At Least 6 Month

If you want to build your net worth and achieve financial freedom, do not buy anything if it has not been on your must-have list for at least six months.

Going Shopping Without A Plan

Don’t go shopping without a written plan that fits your budget. It’s not worth the temptation.

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