15 Frugal Living Tips From The Great Depression

The Great Depression (1929 – 1939) was one of history’s most challenging economic times. When people thought things couldn’t get any worse, they kept going downhill. 

Looking for some effective frugal living tips? These tips from the great depression will come in handy.  

Grow Your Own Food

Fresh produce can be costly. Growing your own food can help you cut a huge chunk of your food costs. 

Cook And Eat Simple, Homemade Meal

Plan simple meals and cook for your family. It will not only save you money. It will go a long way in helping enhance your health because you can monitor the ingredients you use in your meals. 

Repair And Reuse Clothing And Household Item

Many people who grew up in the Great Depression knew how to sew, knit, and crochet. They would do these simple fixes on their own to save money instead of calling a professional. 

Make Do With What You Have

When economic times are hard, or when you are trying to save, try making use of what you already have instead of buying new items. 

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