14 Life Lessons I learned From the Year of Corona

When I take time to reflect over the past year, I realize that this year has been a massive year of growth and learning for me. I sat time to write some of my thoughts on the lessons I learned over the past year.  

1. People are amazing and have so much ingenuity

When corona hit, I was flabbergasted (in a good way) at the incredible way people adapted to the new reality. 

2. People are kind and selfless

If one thing this whole experience taught us is how much regular people are capable of immense kindness. 

3. It’s really easy to be selfish

It is extremely easy to find a reason and an excuse to act wrongly. Corona has taught me to remain vigilant against this dark side of myself. 

4. You need less than you think  

When you think of all the trappings of our “past lives,” it is amazing how we survived without many things. 

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