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12 Of The Best Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix Right Now

There have been countless times where I’ve found myself just looking through shows, not actually watching anything. If that sounds like you, these are the best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now!

The Good Place

I can honestly say that as someone who watched The Good Place as it aired that it’s an ideal show to binge-watch.

The Haunting Of Hill House

If you want a great show that you can binge-watch in a weekend, you’ll love The Haunting of Hill House.

Maybe you missed this insanely popular show and are finally feeling the pressure to check it out. You’re in luck, all five seasons are currently on Netflix for your binge-watching enjoyment.

Breaking Bad

Brooklyn 99

As someone currently binge-watching this series myself, I wholeheartedly agree with this comment.

If you happened to miss this miniseries, though, definitely add it to your next marathon streaming session. You won’t be disappointed!

The Queen’s Gambit

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