12 Items Frugal People Proudly Exclude From Their Shopping List

Frugal people are known to spend their money wisely. They live within their means and don’t spend a lot of money.

Here are some of the items that frugal people proudly exclude from their shopping lists.  

An Expensive Car

“I paid $250 for someone’s junker and got maybe six months out of it before it was scrapped. The kids would hide in the floorboard whenever I had to drop them off at school,” said Michael Smith

Brand Name Food

“Whenever possible, I would buy generic or store brand,” added Michael

Eating Out

Nora avoids spending on food and eating out, saying, “Meals and drinks outside my home: If it’s a night out, then go for it. Otherwise, I eat leftovers at work and get a lot of compliments on how good my lunch smells."

Three-Ply Toilet Paper

“Three-ply toilet paper and those expensive, scented tissue paper in pretty, boxed containers. Also, wet wipes,” notes Ronali.

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