11 Smart Ways to Use a Windfall

Did you get a significant gift or a windfall? How are you planning on using it? Here are some great ways to use a large amount of money.  

Give to Charity

I give 10% of all my income to charity, including this money. When we are lucky enough to get “extra money,” I try to remember those who are even in more need than us. I believe that you should use your money to help people. 

Pay off Debt 

If you have a lot of debt, then paying off a chunk of it can help you climb out of debt sooner and perhaps lower your monthly payments. First, tackle the debt that is the most predatory (or weighing on your mind the most).  

Start Saving $1,000 

Saving $1,000 is a gamechanger. Many Americans do not have that kind of money put away. Do this, and you will be ahead of the game. Your financial future will change. 

Save for Retirement 

You may not be able to use this money as earned income, so you cannot put it into accounts where earned income is required (i.e., Roth, etc.), but you can use other money to fund those accounts and “pay yourself back” with the windfall money. 

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