11 Fun Backyard Games To Play Outdoors This Fall

Do you like to spend time in your backyard? Get your kids involved with some of these backyard games! 

Duck, Duck, Goose!

An oldie but a goody! If you have at least five players this game keeps kids laughing and running for a while. Have a child run around the circle of the other four sitting kids patting kids on the head lightly calling out “Duck”…” Duck”…” Duck” and then, finally, he or she yells “Goose” 


The game of cornhole has been around for over a hundred years, and perhaps even centuries. The official version of this game contains strict guidelines for bag and platform sizes. For a backyard BBQ though keep it simple and easy. 

Crazy Croquet

Crazy croquet is based on the classic game of croquet. Instead of using a classic croquet set with mallets, balls, and wickets, make your own by improvising with items from around your house and yard.  Instead of proper mallets use brooms, sticks, or even a baseball bat or golf club just be sure to pick out balls that are not too heavy for your mallets.  

Bocci Ball

Bocci ball can be improvised by using a golf ball for the pallina (which is the target ball) and tennis balls for the boccia (which are the balls thrown to score points by landing the closest to the pallina. 

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