11 Best Board Games for Preschoolers To Play Over Break

Does your preschooler love to play games? Make your toddler’s day with these best board games for preschoolers.  

Candy Land

Candy Land is an excellent game that must be on every preschooler’s board game shelf. It contains absolutely no reading skills but encourages card playing using colors and shapes to match those on the board. 

Don’t Break the Ice 

Don’t Break the Ice is a cute game where players tap ice blocks to help Philip the Penguin create a new igloo for himself. But be careful, don’t let him fall through the ice!  

Cranium’s Cariboo

Dreading your toddler’s tantrums when they lose a game? Cranium’s Cariboo is a board game that does not have a winner. Instead, it is a cooperative type game where each player matches the card, which has a letter, number, or color, with a corresponding picture on the playing board. 


The game’s goal is to form snakes with a head, a tail, and at least one middle section. If you put the last piece on the snake, you keep the snake, and the player with the most snake pieces won this way is the winner. 

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