10 Ways To Save The Planet That Will Help You Save Money Now

Walk or Ride Bikes Instead of Drive

Tip 1

Take Public Transportation

Tip 2

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Taking public transportation is not only cheap, but it is more eco-friendly than using private vehicles. If possible, consider using the bus or train to get to different destinations. 

Save Paper and Circulars for Crafts

Tip 3

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Plastic packaging, things that we get in the mail, toilet paper rolls all get dumped into the box for kids to reuse.

Get Used  Stuff for Cheap

Tip 4

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Books, clothes, furniture, and toys are all things that you can get for extremely cheap if you don’t mind getting them second-hand 

Freeze food

Tip 5

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RIf you save vegetable scraps, like peels or tops and bottoms of vegetables, you can combine them with chicken bones and scraps to make a delicious chicken stock  

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