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10 Swoon-Worthy Gifts For The Jane Austen Fan In Your Life

Have a Jane Austen lover you need a gift for? 

Finding the perfect swoon-worthy gift for your Austenite doesn’t have to be a chore. Grab one of these perfect Jane Austen-themed gifts and see them become “The Happiest Creature in The World.”

The Best Gifts For Jane Austen Fans!

Jane Austen: The Complete Works

Of course, all Jane Austen fans will love this gorgeous set of the complete works of Jane Austen.

While enjoying some port after dinner, why don’t you pour yourself a glass… of these premium nuts.

Damn, Man Black Label: Nut Decanter

Looking to capture the Austen aesthetic but can’t handle your scotch? These nuts are so potent you’d swear you just had a drink of the real thing!

Sugar Plum Beer And Bourbon Flavored Peanut

The Beauty Tea Company

Playmags are another great option for magnetic tiles. Like the Picasso Tiles and Maghub Tiles, they are usually much cheaper than Magna-Tiles and Magformers.

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