Physical self-care is one of the many ways that we help refill our cups when they get depleted. However, when it comes to nourishing and pampering our bodies, it can be challenging to do on a tight budget! Spa treatments are expensive 

The good news is that there are many things that you can do at home and make yourself cut down on some of the cost! When you DIY your own spa treatments, you save a lot of money, and you can customize it more towards your liking.

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Easy Coconut Oil and Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe 

This homemade coffee sugar scrub is easy to make and smells amazing! The scrub exfoliates and nourishes with coconut oil, coffee, and brown sugar. This sugar scrub is a breeze to make with just three ingredients- it will take you literally minutes to put together. 

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Peppermint Sugar Scrub 

If I had to sum up this scrub, I would say it’s like peppermint bliss in a jar! It starts with a coconut oil and sugar base, and then from there, you add peppermint essential oil to your liking. 

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Nourishing Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Mask 

This all-natural facial mask is very easy to make for single-use or a whole jar. This nourishing facial mask has a great combination of base ingredients for softening as well as exfoliation ingredients. 

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Homemade DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask Recipe 

Aloe vera can work magic on your skin. Many people use it as a remedy for burns, whether from the sun or the oven, because it has a natural cooling effect.  It’s potent enough to treat many skin issues regardless of skin type and gentle enough to prevent dryness. 

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Avocado Hair Mask for Stronger, Softer, Healthier Hair 

Use up your overripe avocados with this simple, natural, and effective at-home D.I.Y. Hair Mask for thicker, stronger, and softer locks that will give everyone you know total hair envy! 

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