10 Old-School Frugal Habits That Just Don’t Make Any Sense Anymore

1. Turning Lights Off

It’s still a wonder to some why anyone would leave a light on in a room that wasn’t occupied.  

2. Grocery Bag

Even with reusable grocery bags, many of us still have a bag filled with bags from the grocery store. 

3. Cutting Sponge

Sponges can get gross pretty fast. But why throw out a sponge with a little more life 

4. Fast Food Napkin Hoarding

There are two types of people—those who save the extra unused napkins from fast food restaurants and those who don’t.

5. Shopping The Sale Just For The Sale

Buying in bulk can sometimes mean you’re saving money. 

6. Finishing Your Plate

Being told to finish your plate as a child comes with some consequences. 

7. Hoarding Reusable Item

When we find an item we can reuse, we tend not to throw any of them away, from bread clips and corks to plastic cutlery. 

8. Saving Cereal Boxes For Craft

In the day and age of Pinterest, it’s hard not to save odd things. 

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