10 Kid-Friendly Chores That Can Help Teach New Skills

Household chores are more than inconvenient necessities or things to “make” your children do: They can function as building blocks for a young person’s development. 

Getting very young children involved in these activities will teach them where things go while preparing them for future mathematical and scientific lessons. 

Put things in their place

Gentle interactions with animals, a sense of responsibility for another living creature, the predictability of mealtime, and the satisfaction of pleasing an animal are powerful experiences for a young child. 

Feed pets

While preschoolers should be able to help out with bed making, 5- to 7-year-olds are capable of pulling the task off independently.  

Make the bed

Helping in the garden provides significant mental and physical developmental strides for children. 

Pull weeds and water plants

. As kids get older, tasks like loading or emptying a dishwasher can be part of a chore chart to help kids stay on track independently. 

Load and empty the dishwasher

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