10 Ideas for Saving 100 Dimes

If one can save $10 on each of 10 separate purchases in a given month, and then repeat that behavior for 10 months out of the year, then my mathematical prowess suggests that this person would save $1000 a year. 


In the past 10 years, I’ve gotten haircuts on the spectrum of $35 down to $15. At most price points, I know it’s possible to find cheaper barbers.


Skip the bar. As much as a $3 pint of the local lager sounds like a good deal, it’s only because we’ve been programmed to forget that bars are 5x as expensive as grocery stores. Grab a 12-pack and get together at an apartment instead.

Grocery Shopping 

On average, I spend $280 per month. Is it feasible that I find $10, or 3.6%, savings in there? Seems reasonable!


Last year, I spent $932 on ~15 various weddings, birthdays, and of course, Christmas. Of course, I really enjoy spending money on gifts that I know other people would enjoy. But could I turn that $932 into an $832, and still make people happy? Yeah!

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