Snow days can be a lot of fun! Playing in the snow is always a blast, but when that activity runs out, then what?  When it is storming too much to send the kids out, you need something to keep them warm and busy, so they don’t go crazy! 

These simple and frugal ideas will help keep your kids busy and help them have fun indoors on those long snow days!

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Dig Out the Arts and Crafts Box

There’s nothing like letting out some creativity to keep kids busy. So grab your art supplies, coloring books, and extra school supplies and set the kids to lose to get creative and see what they can make. 

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Play Dress Up

Kids love to play dress-up. Set out some old clothes, Halloween costumes, and fun jewelry to let the kids have fun playing dress-up for a while. If you have some old makeup running around, they would love to play with that for a time to help keep them busy 

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Have a Baking Day

Baking homemade cookies or treats with your kids is a great way to keep them busy, get some quality time with them, and help keep your home warm with the oven going.

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Get Active

Gather everyone for a game of floor is lava or use masking tape to build a hopscotch board down the hallway to burn off some steam. This will help burn off some extra energy; it will also warm them up by getting them moving. 

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DIY Library

Take out some of your books and line them up in a central location. Have each child (and adult!) grab a book and cuddle up to read. If you want to be really fancy, you can cut some papers into library cards and stamp each paper as they “check out” a book. 

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