10 Extreme Cheapskates Tips That Are Honestly Great Tip

1. Water And Vinegar Cleaner

You can create an all-purpose cleaner with a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar. 

2. Transportation By Bicycle

For some, buying a bicycle to get around is not very practical. 

3. Eat Out Less

Everyone loves to eat out. Someone else has to cook, there are no dishes to wash after.

4. Make Your Own Baby Food

Baby food is expensive and full of sugar. It’s easy to make your own from home. 

5. Rotate Your Streaming

There are many streaming services now, and they all have different shows and movies. 

6. Jobs Can Pay For Schooling

Many in the thread agreed that college is expensive 

7. Credit Card

Many frugal people will advise against credit cards. 

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