10 Cheap Behaviors People Witnessed That Are Stupid Ridiculou

1. Just Buy A New Shirt

One user discussed a guy he knew who had done well with cryptocurrency and house flipping but refused to buy new clothes. 

2. Keeping The Tip

You couldn’t always split the bill at a restaurant like you can now. Before, when you went out with a group of friends 

3. Driving To Find Cheap Gas

Some people drive around to find the cheapest gas or sit idled in line for cheaper gas. 

4. Free Napkin

It’s not unusual for frugal people to try to find ways to save on items for everyday items we use and throw away. 

5. Produce By Weight

Many fresh fruits and vegetables are priced by their weight. The bigger the piece of produce, the more it will weigh. 

6. Investing Rather Than Fixing

One has to wonder why someone wouldn’t fix their home when it was damaged. 

7. Use And Return

Most stores have a return policy, and so long as you are within the guidelines they have set for them

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