10 Celebrities Who Are Notorious For Being Cheap And Stingy

1.  Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is infamous for not walking the walking after talking, well, you know how the saying goes. 

2.  Summer Walker

At one point, singer Summer Walker was offering a position as her personal assistant.

3.  Grace Gummer

Many people mentioned Meryl Streep’s children throughout the list, but the one said the most was Grace Gummer. 

4.  Jordan Peele

He is an American filmmaker, comedian, and actor best known in the horror and comedy categories. 

5.  Paul McCartney

Despite Linda McCartney’s reputation as extremely pleasant, Paul McCartney is known for being quiet and a horrible tipper. 

6.  Michael Jordan

A former Las Vegas casino employee spoke about how Michael Jordan was the talk of the town because he was “very difficult around Vegas. 

7.  Scottie Pippen

In 2004, Scottie Pippen was on a date at a high-end New York City restaurant connected to this equally high-end hotel. 

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