10 Big Frugal Myths That Need Debunking

1. Bundles Are Cheaper

“Bundles are cheaper.” One clarified things such as fast food bundles, cable and internet packages.

2. Dollar Store

Do you mean $1.25 stores? That’s right, even the dollar stores no longer sell things for a dollar. 

3. Buying The Larger Size

Buying the larger size isn’t always the best deal.  

4. Buying Things On Sale

The myth of getting a good deal, so needing to buy it because it is on sale costs you more in the long run. 

5. DIY Project

The myth of doing things yourself as being a cheaper alternative hit the comment section. 

6. Fast Food Is Cheaper

While dollar menus may have helped add to the rumor, those days are long gone. 

7. Gardening

As mentioned above, gardening is an expensive hobby. Although several people explained it might cost a little more 

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