1 Way to Make Bedtime Stories Easier for Busy Parents

So if you know me or have been reading this blog, you will already know that I love reading. I also firmly believe that kids need to be read to, and kids need to be encouraged to read a lot. 

Reading to Kids is Important

Reading to kids is a significant part of educating our children. We need to read to them a lot so that they learn new ideas, learn about language, and help bring a springboard into discussions about different things.

Read Before Bed

One of the best times to read to kids is at night before bed. It’s not only an excellent time to get reading done, but it’s also a good calming activity to help a child prepare for sleep and a good habit for your child to have. Reading before bed is a good way for an adult to put themselves to sleep as well, and I strongly recommend making it part of your habit, and your kid’s habits.

Bedtime Stories are Important

However, at the end of a VERY long day and before I start a VERY long night of work, I sometimes struggle to think of stories to tell them. This is a bummer because they really like when I tell them stories (besides reading from a book). Books are so important, but they like having stories that don’t come from the page.

Imagine my delight when I discovered this fantastic new service that helps facilitate this with ease. Anything that makes my life easier (FOR FREE!) is a winner in my eyes. That is why I was absolutely thrilled to find Story Tyke. 

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