10 Unpopular Opinions About Money That Make Other People Shake Their Heads

Do you have an unpopular money opinion that makes others shake their heads? For example, money buys happiness—people who say that must have never been poor. I’m not saying there aren’t grumpy wealthy folks.


But suggesting that not having the constant stress of living paycheck to paycheck without any savings, 401k, or plan to do better, is absurd. So in that sense, money buys happiness that people who have money don’t realize comes with it.

1. Experience or Material Things

“Experiences are only sometimes a better use of your money than material things,” shared one. “A material thing you can enjoy using and looking at for years can give you more enjoyment than an experience you enjoy for a brief time and the memories of it.”

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2. You Should Pay for People

“If you have money, you should pay for people. For example, I make 2-3x what my friends make in base salary, and with bonuses, that can get up to 4-5x. Yet, if I want to go out for my birthday with my friends, I want to go somewhere nice, and a place in everyone’s budget wouldn’t be the experience I want,” one replied.


“Also, why should my friends with an already limited discretionary income pay to go to a place they wouldn’t have picked on their own, even if it is technically in their budget?”

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3. Working To Pay For Daycare

“One of the biggest misconceptions about daycare is that if it’s the same cost as the mother’s salary, she should automatically stay home,” stated one.


“It’s not just skills but retirement contributions, social security quarters, and keeping your skills current,” another added. “Not to mention socialization and maintaining a network as a professional. So you get more from a job than just a paycheck.”

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4. Paying Extra for Unnecessary Expenses

“I pay more for garage parking rather than parking at a meter on the street. I hate driving in the city, and I find it so stressful. The circling, trying to parallel park in a small space, and then having to move the car if it’s a timed space makes me anxious. So I would rather pay more to leave my car at a garage,” another confessed.

5. High Cost Living Areas

Someone suggested, “My controversial opinion is that I value living in a high-cost area, even with a remote job. Could I live in a low-cost area and keep my salary the same?”


“Sure, but I would have access to less than I do in a major city, including a professional network. I admire people who do it, but it’s not for me, at least not at this stage of my life.”

6. Spending on Guilty Pleasures for the Experiences

“I like to go out to buy my daily morning coffee. Of course, I could make it at home, but I enjoy the walk and the experience of being one of the regulars just as much as my coffee!” Another exclaimed. “Sometimes spending the extra money is more about the experience you get from it, rather than the cost.”

7. Job Hopping Is Not Always Worth It

“Job hopping is overrated. I know that there are hard facts that it’s better for your salary, but sometimes so is peace of mind. I’d rather stay at a stable place or job I enjoyed long term than job hop just for money’s sake,” replied one.


Another added, “This is so true. I could make $5-10K more by switching jobs, but honestly, my boss is chill, I have a handful of really great work buddies, and the environment is enjoyable overall.”


“Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what your new boss is like or about crazy coworkers until you start the new job, and I’d rather avoid all that nonsense.”


8. Benefits of Renting Versus Owning

Someone said, “Homeownership isn’t the be-all and end-all. Rent is not throwing away money, and in some cases, it’s the better money decision to continue renting than getting a mortgage.”


Another added, “I agree with this. You don’t have to pay for landscaping, home improvement, or that new fridge. Rent payments are an investment in my well-being and place to live.”

9. Selfish to Not Spend Money on Children Experiences

“It’s selfish for parents not to spend money reasonably on experiences for their children,” one person informed. “That doesn’t mean the single mom juggling two jobs must take her kids to Disneyland.”


“Instead, more along the lines of, yes, you should buy your kids affordable Halloween outfits, a grocery store cake, and some candles for their birthday, etc.” “It’s not an option to do it or not. It’s more of you’re selfish and depriving your kids if you don’t do what you can,” another added.

10. Tipping Should Not Be Necessary

“I hate tipping. There is an option to tip on just about everything now, and I’m sick of it. Employers should pay living wages, and the tipping culture needs to disappear,” a final person commented.


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