Twitter Reacts to Prince Harry’s Bombshell Memoir, “Spare”

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, released his memoir, “Spare” this year, and it’s already making history.

Outsold only by another Harry (aka Harry Potter), Guinness World Records confirmed that “Spare” became the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time after selling 1.43 million copies during its first day of sales in the UK, US, and Canada.

Many Twitter users had much to say about the tell-all book taking the world by storm.

Royal History

First, a bit of a history lesson, “The BBC have branded Prince Harry’s new memoir Spare “The weirdest book ever written by a royal”. Which is a great excuse to tell you that in 1597 King James VI & I published the Daemonologie, a book on necromancy, black magic, and how to find, test, and punish witches.”

The media is all over the books, especially after excerpts were leaked last week. Some users called out the biased media coverage, “My timeline is absolutely split between those who’ve read the press coverage of “Spare” and think Harry’s a {jerk} and those who have actually read the book, or are reading it, and are going “Fair enough – I get him now.”

Others commented on how heartfelt and loving the book is, “Just finished reading #SparePrinceHarry – here’s my review: Amazing and courageous book! His brother and father are mentioned with no hate. There is only sadness and grief re their behaviour. It’s amusing in parts and inspiring.  #CongratulationsPrinceHarry #Spare


Some took the book a step further with an opinion piece from Australia, “OPINION: Are we really going to let this dysfunctional family be our head of state? With ‘Spare’, Prince Harry proves (yet again) that Australia should become a republic.”

Some looked to history to spark their humourous takes, “Look. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Harry has a problem with his family then he needs to persuade the French to fund him, raise an army, invade and seize the crown. What else was Brexit for, if not to restore traditional British approaches and values?”


Author Tessa Dare, tweeted, “British media, idk if you’ve heard, but Harry really really doesn’t like you”

And a great tweet about how far the world has come, “About 105 years ago when Royals had an extended family feud, people died by the millions in trenches. Now, we’re just watching it like an episode of “The Kardashians” and I see that as progress.”



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