Trump Defends 2020 Election Fraud Claims: “I Was 100% Right”

The House Committee referred Trump and a few of his allies to the justice department for indictment for his claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

Trump, however, continues to defend his claims, insisting that he believed everything he said.

Holding Fast

Trump jumped onto Truth Social to defend his stance on the 2020 election and took the opportunity to blast the Democrats and the “unselect committee.”

“I see where the Unselect Committee, using the Democrats favorite weapon, DISINFORMATION, is trying to make the case that I didn’t really believe I won the Election. This is a total LIE. I never thought, for even a moment, that the Presidential Election of 2020 was not Rigged & Stolen, and my conviction became even stronger as time went by. Now, with all of the massive evidence that has come to light, including recently with the FBI suppression of Election changing information, I was 100% RIGHT!”

Trump also pointed the finger at “the Deep State,” claiming that they have been hatching “evil” plots since well before he took office.

“The so-called Deep State, often referred to by many other names, including ‘Cheaters, ‘Insurrectionists,’ ‘Communists,’ and yes, even our good old ‘RINOS,’ have been working on sinister and evil ‘plots’ for a long time, even well before I came to office. They are long seated Swamp Creatures, and are bad news for the USA. Remember very early on when Obama, Biden, Holder, and Comey were SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN? I wonder if their handpicked Special ‘Prosecutor,’ Jack Smith, knew what was going on?”

Trump also claims that if the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop story had been brought to light before the election, Biden would have lost enough votes that Trump would have emerged victorious.

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