I’m a Frugal Shopper: Here Are 6 Items I Never Buy at the Dollar Store

Everybody loves a good bargain from a dollar store, but of course, some things from these cheap outlets don’t always hold much value if we think about it. It could be because either the quality is too low or the brand is completely unknown and therefore not trustworthy.

If you want to stop spending money on things at dollar stores that don’t hold much value, then this list is for you! Here, we have listed some of the things you should skip on your next trip to your local dollar store, as they may not hold good value for your bucks over the long term.

Beauty Products

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It may be challenging to find good prices when it comes to beauty products, but it’s advisable to avoid taking shortcuts with these prices at dollar stores. When it comes to skincare, especially SPF, you’re going to want to purchase branded goods that you can trust.

Essentially, you are dealing with your skin, and since skincare and beauty products degrade over time, you would want to be sure you’re buying a brand that will support your self-care practices instead of potentially causing breakouts.


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It’s best to skip dollar stores when it comes to buying stationery for your kids or your office. Yes, stationery is much cheaper at a dollar store, but sadly, the quality is not always very durable. Nobody wants to work with a mechanical pencil that continuously has the lead breaking off.

You also don’t want your kids to struggle at school with coloring pencils that keep on breaking. If you still want to save money on stationery, then you could opt to buy it in bulk at a warehouse store.


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Tools are meant to be durable to get your DIY projects and other fixing jobs around the house done successfully. It’s best to avoid purchasing tools at a dollar store as they are not known for boasting good quality! If the prices for tools are cheap, then sadly the quality is probably also very cheap.


Piles of different Squishmallow toys that are for sale.
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Toys need to be durable enough for kids to bang, throw, chew on, pull, and get to the point. Sadly, the toys sold at dollar stores are always of questionable quality. It may, therefore, be much better to purchase brand-name toys or toys from trusted stores that you know can handle a lot of beatings from little hands.


jewelry costume gemstone emerald opal crystal pearl vintage silver, gold rings earrings necklace bracelets on black background cosmetic case
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This should come as no surprise! Unless you’re going for costume jewelry that you’ll only wear a handful of times, it’s probably best to skip jewelry from dollar stores altogether. If you plan on getting good use out of jewelry like a ring or necklace that you’d like to don several times a week, then it’s best to invest in something that’s going to cost more than what dollar stores have to offer.

Plastic Storage Containers

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When purchasing any sort of plastic storage container, it’s always best to opt for good quality. When these items are used to heat or store food, they can easily release certain toxins, and this is especially true when you purchase cheap ones from dollar stores!

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