The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Time to Be Thankful

Its Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S and so its time for the obligatory “What I’m Thankful For” Post. I’ve never been one to shirk my duties;) I think most people would call me very conscientious so here goes!

As much as I am making light of the topic, there really is a LOT to be thankful for. When you don’t have a lot of money sometimes it can feel like that really overtakes your life. It affects every decision and everything you do. This is especially true if you are particularly conscientious;) or are trying hard to focus on finances. When you are sticking to a budget it can seem that everything you do is dictated by how much money you do or don’t have and its hard not get resentful. But really there is so much to be thankful for in my life. I don’t usually get sappy and I try not to sugar-coat reality in my blog posts but I am really extremely privileged and lucky. We must practice thankfulness for everything that we have and what we are given. For what we are able to earn and for the ability to get what we need.

Besides for the big ones, my family, my health etc. there are some things that I sometimes take for granted that I am truly thankful for.

I have what I need and a lot of what I want

As much as I kvetch and complain about not having money- I really do have a lot. I have an apartment. I have furniture. I have everything I need to live a life. Not everyone has that. Not only that, but I have a lot of what I want as well. Books, toys for the kids, a fuzzy blanket, a new maternity pillow that I love! These are all things that I often take for granted and think that I “need”. But these are really “wants” that I am lucky and fortunate enough to have,

My Health

My family and I are all healthy and not only that but we are able to afford the food and medicine that we need. When my kids are sick, I can afford antibiotics and vitamins. I have access to great prenatal care and I am not being denied care due to my finances. Again, many people are not that lucky. Although I am not getting paid maternity leave (yay self-employment!) I am lucky enough to be financially secure enough to take some weeks off and to have a job that allows me to work from home so I don’t have to drag myself to an office postpartum- or pay for childcare until baby is a little bit more grown!

My voice, my blog, and my ability to choose


Working on this blog has been a very interesting experience for me. I am working on finding my voice and sharing it with everyone. I have been able to connect with so many people through blogging that really has exposed me to so many realities and viewpoints that I never even realized existed. I have found so many supportive people in the blogging community who have gone out of their way to help me share my work. I particularly try to remain mindful of the fact that not every woman in the world is given the same choices and opportunities that I have been given. The fact that I can remain in control of my money, make my own choices in life, and speak about it is a privilege that I am grateful to have.

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Hi! I am a millennial mom with a passion for personal finance. I have always been “into” personal finance but got inspired to start my blog after a period of extended unemployment. That experience really changed the way I viewed my relationship with money and the importance of accessible personal finance education.

6 thoughts on “The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post”

  1. I’m ever so thankful for many things: my chosen family, the luxury of having a warm safe home where we’re all dry (esp during the rains!), the luxury of being home with family this holiday weekend, having people we love to spend time with. I am grateful to be literate and mobile, to have access to e-books through our library, to have love and laughter in my life which was sadly lacking many years ago. We are incredibly lucky!

  2. Wow, so much to be thankful. For our family, we have a wonderful daughter and close family members. For our friends, who’ve made our first year in the US easier. For being healthy and starting a new life..

    • Thanks for sharing! That sounds like a big transition that you had this year. So glad you had people to help you through it.

  3. Nice post. I’m grateful for the people in my life who support and encourage me. And for our good health. Like you, I realize that many of the things we consider needs are actually wants. We’re very fortunate to be able to say that. Thanks for sharing.


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