What Are The 30 Most Sought After Jobs in the US in 2022?

According to new research from leading job search engine Adzuna, public sector jobs, domestic help positions, and academic/career assistance jobs are some of the most sought-after roles of 2022.

Road Construction Supervisor and Meter Reader are the Surprising Most Sought After Jobs in the U.S.

Public sector jobs, domestic help positions, and academic/career assistance jobs are some of the most sought-after roles of 2022, according to new research from smarter job search engine Adzuna.

The research analyzed over 25.3 million U.S. job vacancies advertised on Adzuna in Q4 2021, looking into the job titles with the highest application rates (calculated as clicks/ads) to reveal the roles most in-demand in today’s jobs market.

Road Construction Supervisor positions are the most sought-after U.S. job, with 176 job ads on offer in Q4 last year, driving the highest application rates of any role and advertised salaries averaging $69,531. It reflects a growing interest in public sector jobs.

Engineering Services Manager and Drilling Engineer both featured within the top 30 most sought-after jobs, with 1,311 and 163 job vacancies advertised in Q4. Petroleum Engineer roles also come in at number 14 on the list, with 141 vacancies and an advertised salary of $100,806.

The pandemic has also rejuvenated job seeker interest in domestic help jobs, now that COVID booster shots have been, and continue to be, distributed. People are becoming more comfortable as the pandemic starts to subside.

Domestic Housekeeper is the 6th most sought after job in the U.S. in terms of clicks/ad rates, despite just 189 job vacancies advertised in Q4 and average advertised salaries of just $30,658. In addition, Live-In Nanny roles ranked 20th across 470 positions, and Domestic Cleaner placed 24th with 33,382 job ads on offer in Q4.

Similarly, we’ve seen job seekers’ interest peak in the creative industries, with roles such as Picture Editor (18th), Subtitler (22nd), Web Content Editor (25th), and Voice Over Artist (28th) all featuring in the top 30 list.

Growing Demand for Academic Jobs

The research also shows academic/career guidance positions are highly sought after as job seekers increasingly seek vocations where they can make a difference. Academic Advisor positions saw 2,401 job openings with average advertised salaries of $55,548, whereas Career Guidance Advisor jobs saw 2,595 job postings with average salaries of $40,496 in Q4.

Beyond these two further academic roles, Learning Development Coordinator (23rd) and Dean of Faculty (26th), also made the list with advertised vacancies of 739 and 341.

Chauffeur is the highest-paid role within the top 30 most sought-after jobs, seeing average advertised salaries of $154,056 and 1,979 jobs available. Other high-paid, high-demand roles include ServiceNow Consultant, a role that requires developing software and tech solutions to meet customer needs. This role pays $143,033, and Drilling Engineer pays $126,788.

Paul Lewis, Chief Customer Officer at Adzuna, comments: “Many of the most sought-after jobs in the U.S. are roles that are very hands-on. Public sector jobs are proving particularly popular, with Road Construction Supervisor roles the most clicked-on job ads of the thousands of job roles on our site.

We’ve also seen a surge in interest for roles such as Domestic Housekeeper and Cleaner as the domestic help sector climbs back up from thousands of jobs that were lost due to the pandemic. Another interesting trend is the rise in popularity of academic and career guidance jobs. After a turbulent two years, job candidates are reassessing what they want, and Adzuna data shows that money isn’t everything when it comes to filling a role.”

The 30 Most Sought After Jobs in the US in 2022

Rank Job Title Average Advertised Salary Advertised vacancies
1 Road Construction Supervisor $69,531 176
2 Academic Advisor $55,548 2,401
3 Chauffeur $154,056 1,979
4 Communications Executive $98,020 102
5 Data Entry Clerk $29,662 160,566
6 Domestic Housekeeper $30,658 189
7 Career Guidance Advisor $40,496 2,595
8 Medical Transcriptionist $42,084 2,513
9 Post Office Counter Clerk $49,659 1,979
10 Meter Reader $37,798 2,038
11 Engineering Services Manager $107,680 1,311
12 Drilling Engineer $126,788 163
13 Aircraft Cleaner $47,399 1,294
14 Petroleum Engineer $100,806 141
15 Customer Service Receptionist $25,498 1,340
16 Flight Attendant $96,000 5,425
17 Housing Assistant $45,046 278
18 Picture Editor $101,827 673
19 Nature Conservation Officer $44,667 1,149
20 Live-In Nanny $46,369 470
21 Events Administrator $41,487 108
22 Subtitler $67,888 148
23 Learning Development Coordinator $54,336 739
24 Domestic Cleaner $36,566 33,382
25 Web Content Editor $50,000 187
26 Dean of Faculty $68,190 341
27 ServiceNow Consultant $143,033 852
28 Voice-Over Artist $51,460 776
29 Retail Area Manager $59,382 168
30 Retail Buyer $55,199 828



The research analyzed job ads with over 5,200 different job titles listed on Adzuna in Q4 2021, analyzing average clicks/ad based on job titles with greater than 100 open positions. Average advertised salaries also reflect Q4 2021.

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