Shopping for Clothing on a Dime

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How I Shop for Clothing On a Very Tight Budget

I try not to pay full price. I can’t say never but I really spend a lot of time looking for the best possible deals.

Working with an Extremely Limited Budget

I have an extremely limited budget to buy the things I need. I set aside 10% of my paycheck every month for clothing, shoes, toys, household items etc and that amount is all I am able to spend. You may be thinking that I have quite a large budget but then again you have no clue how small my paycheck is:) With 2 kids who are constantly needing new things and stuff that keeps breaking (why?!?) its a constant challenge to get the things we need with the money we have.

Take shoes. I always heard and read about mother complaining about “keeping kids in shoes” but I had NO IDEA how many shoes my kids would ACTUALLY go through! Shoes get ruined and kids outgrow them faster than you can blink. And that’s not including any boots or slippers or dress shoes!

I wish I had Hand-me-downs

I also don’t have any friends or relatives with kids who are a year older than mine so hand-me-downs are few and far between!

Sometimes I feel like all I do is shop. But I don’t actually spend any money- I just keep on looking and looking for things that I need at a price point I can afford.

“Stocking-up” on Clothes and Shoes

Since I do have an “envelope” for these items, I always have “some” money to spend on sales and stocking-up. For example, I was recently at Target and they had boy’s sneakers for ridiculously cheap. Since I already have the cash set aside I was able to buy each kid a pair in the next size up. This saves me money and the stress of not being able to find anything affordable when they will need new shoes.

But I don’t just stock-up or buy things for the next season- I have a system that I follow.

My System

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