Money Date

Go on a Money Date


Looking for a romantic night with your partner? Maybe you should talk about money.

money date

I’m joking, of course. I know that talking about money isn’t romantic and it may actually be a sore spot in your marriage. I get it. There was a time when talking about anything to do with money made us fight.


But, once you have your money conversations and budget as joint team then you won’t need to fight or be tense about money. Even if you don’t have any money and money stresses you out, dealing with money won’t stress you out because you have a partner who is on the same page as you.


So, how do you get your partner to actually sit down and talk money with you?


Invite your Partner on a Money Date

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The 1 New Year’s Resolution You Should be Making

The 1 Money- Related New Year’s Resolution You Should be Making

It’s the end of the year and the decade and now is a good a time as any to make some changes in your life. It is always a good time to change yourself and affect change in your life there are certain times of the year that seem to lend itself to self-improvement.

After the holiday season filled with spending and excess, it is a great time to sit down and make some changes to your financial life.

 The #1 Thing you HAVE TO DO THIS YEAR

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The Budget Hangover

Did You Overspend?

That uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. The pounding in your head. The sinking feeling that you went overboard.

I’m not talking about getting drunk and waking up hungover. I’m talking about waking up after the week long extravaganza we call Black Friday and Cyber Monday and realizing that you spent too much and blew your budget.

Resisting temptation has become harder than ever. Online ads and marketing are better than ever due to data mining and targeted promotions. The stores know what YOU want and they market directly towards that. We have all spent weeks and weeks with advertisers pinpointing our weak points and showing us ads and sending emails to get us to weaken our resolve.
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