Man’s First Class Seat Swap With Woman With Crying Baby Sparks Outrage

A Reddit user shared a story about how he swapped first-class seats with a woman who had a crying baby just to teach his wife a lesson.

Unlike his wife, the OP is not a constant traveler; this was the first time he flew first class. They went on a trip to Hawaii, paid for by his wife’s father. On their way back home, they sat near the back and close to economy-class seating.

Baby Crying Uncontrollably

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There was a mother with a baby, and the baby was crying uncontrollably. The OP felt sad for the mother because she knew she was distressed, too.

OP’s wife was mad. She kept making comments about how the flight would be miserable. She blamed the mother for being irresponsible and for not knowing how to calm the baby. She said that the mother should not have been allowed onto the plane. The OP offered to go speak to the mother for his wife. She agreed.

Gave up His First Class Seat

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The OP went and told the mother that he would gladly swap seats if she was okay with it. The first-class seats had more legroom and were more comfortable. The woman hesitated at first and then agreed to the swap. Once she took the baby to the first class section, the OP received a series of angry texts from his wife.

His Wife Was Upset

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He didn’t feel like it was a huge deal since his wife brought noise-canceling headphones. Others in first class also had such and even if they didn’t, normal headphones would still block out the baby’s noise. The baby cried for half an hour before falling silent.

When the OP and his wife met, she was livid. She told him he had ruined the end of the trip for her, and he told her she was overreacting.

The Masses Weigh In

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The majority of comments about this on Reddit rebuked the OP for his actions, while others felt both the OP and his wife were in the wrong.

One pointed out that OP’s actions were childish, “”teach her a lesson” is such a childish toxic trait. If you have something that’s bothering you, then you should talk about it and resolve it right away. There’s no need for this passive kind of behavior.”

Your Wife Can’t Trust You

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Another wondered if the OP could be trusted with anything since he seemed to make every situation worse, “Don’t tell me when things bother you because if I’m annoyed by what you say I will actively make the situation worse to spite you.”

Pure Contempt

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Another agreed with this saying, “The lesson is, “if you are upset about something I think you shouldn’t be, I will intentionally cause you additional distress.” I think the wife sucks for how she was blaming a child for existing in public, but OP intentionally wanting to make her unhappy because he disagreed with her is pure contempt.”

Treating Her Like a Child That Needs To Be Punished

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According to another user, the OP was wrong in weaponizing his wife’s comments against her, “weaponizing your wife’s comments against her, and for treating her like a child who needed to be “taught a lesson.” She’s your partner who wanted to enjoy a vacation with you, and you ditched her at the finish line. Who does that?”

Relationship Not In a Good Place

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“OP just showed his wife that she can’t trust him with the parts of her that aren’t shiny and nice, and he also showed her that he is totally willing to punish her, in public, for perceived transgressions. I think the relationship is going to be in a not-so-great place for a while,” added another person.


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“Why isn’t a woman allowed to complain to a husband about a crying baby? Why does that make her the AH? She didn’t confront the woman, make loud comments so the woman could hear, she didn’t make a scene. She had a whinge/moan to her spouse.

Instead, you decided to punish your wife. You were on a free trip paid for by her father and decided you needed to be a petty jerk. I wouldn’t invite you on the next trip,” noted another user.

Don’t Stay Married

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“Dont stay married to her if you need to do petty things

At least they can save money in the future not getting a first-class ticket for you,” said another member.

You Gave up Your Seat To Punish Your Wife

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According to another member, punishing his wife for using other people was uncalled for, “You for feeling as though you had a right to punish her for her behavior. And for using other human beings to inflict that punishment. They had to sit through several hours of a flight next to a person who openly didn’t want to be in their presence.”

Self-Centered Behavior

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Someone else noted that OP’s actions were self-centered, “You weren’t doing this out of the kindness of your heart. You used a mother and her child who were probably already stressed as a pawn in your weird game. Your wife was making mean comments, yes, but she was complaining to you, her husband, not making a scene or confronting the woman with her baby.”

Another user explicitly advised the OP, “It is not your job to teach her a lesson. She’s your wife, not a misbehaving child.

A Crying Baby Is Annoying

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The baby was actively crying, and your wife only complained. It is annoying when you’re on a flight, and there’s a crying baby. Yeah, the mom was also annoyed, but it’s her baby. Your wife is allowed to be annoyed, and she only voiced that annoyance to you, her husband. If her complaints were bothering you so much, you couldn’t just put your headphones on, right? Since that’s what you wanted her to do for the entire eight-hour flight.

Her dad paid for your flight. He paid for your first-class ticket. He didn’t do that so you could give it away at the first opportunity. He did that so you and your wife could have a relaxing trip TOGETHER.

Do You Like Your Wife

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Sure, babies exist in public. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be on planes, but it is undeniable that it’s annoying to listen to a child screaming in any situation, doubly so when you’re about to be in an enclosed space for 8 hours. … Why did you feel the need to punish your wife? Especially on a trip that her father paid for? You don’t sound like you like your wife very much.”

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