Super PAC Supporting Haley Sets Sights on Independent Voters to Challenge Trump

A new Super PAC has emerged on the political scene, spearheaded by a group of self-styled political independents. Their mission? To rally independent voters behind the cause of former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in her quest to secure the Republican presidential nomination. This initiative has been set in motion with the filing of paperwork with the FEC this week.

Dark Money Politics

This unique PAC, named Independents Moving the Needle, is not your typical political powerhouse. Its leadership is composed of five individuals who are distinct from the traditional players in dark money politics. Among them are Jonathan Bush, a relative of former President George W. Bush, and Frank Laukien, a billionaire CEO.

Independents Moving the Needle is directing its energies towards a critical battleground: New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. New Hampshire boasts a significant contingent of undeclared voters, making up approximately 40% of the state’s electorate. These voters hold the power to choose whether to participate in the Republican or Democratic primaries, rendering them a pivotal constituency in the forthcoming 2024 Republican showdown, particularly against the backdrop of the lingering influence of former President Donald Trump.

Heading this unconventional PAC are individuals with diverse backgrounds. Frank Laukien, along with his wife Tamra, leads companies in the life sciences sector. Jonathan Bush is the CEO of a healthcare data firm, while Bonnie Anderson holds the reins at PinkDx, a private cancer-testing company. Robert Fisher, a former federal prosecutor and white-collar attorney, played a pivotal role in founding and now helms the organization.

Maximum Contribution

The genesis of this political foray is a sense of duty and an aspiration to effect positive change, as expressed by Frank Laukien: “This seemed like, maybe for the first time for many of us, where we personally felt, ‘Wow, I’ve never been in politics and never intended to, but this time, I could make a positive difference together with my colleagues here,'” elucidating the motivation behind their decision to launch the PAC in support of Nikki Haley.

FEC filings reveal intriguing insights into the financial landscape of the political arena. One notable detail is that Bush has channeled the maximum allowable individual contribution of $6,300 towards Haley’s campaign during this election cycle. Meanwhile, Laukein has charted a different course, with individual donations amounting to approximately $3,000, not exclusively for Haley, but spread among other GOP contenders like Sen. Tim Scott, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Interestingly, the founders of the newly formed PAC have historically shied away from such deep political involvement. However, recent developments, including Haley’s surging momentum and her stances on various issues from national security to school voucher programs, have sparked their interest.

A Unique Vision

Their PAC, Independents Moving the Needle, envisions a unique mission. Laukein, a New Hampshire resident, stressed that their aim is not to engage in a tug-of-war with fellow Republican candidates for a single vote. Instead, their focus is squarely on the majority of New Hampshire voters who identify as independent and unaffiliated.

While former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls, holding substantial leads in crucial states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, it’s increasingly apparent that the pressure is mounting on other candidates. They must consolidate support to mount a meaningful challenge against the enduring grip Trump has on GOP voters.

Bonnie Anderson, reflecting on Haley’s progress, highlighted her growing momentum. She pointed to Haley’s success in maintaining an edge in donor support and gaining ground following three well-received debate performances, positioning her as a formidable contender for the 2024 election.

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