Get Your Car Spring Ready with This Car Care Checklist!

Get your car road trip ready with these spring car care tips!

Road trips are a great way to travel that won’t break the bank. Road trips are becoming more and more popular as it becomes one of the safest ways to travel in these Covid-times. It’s easy, safe, and fun! The best part? It’s much cheaper than other forms of travel- especially if you have a large family. Not only do you save on travel but there are a lot of fun and cheap (or free) things you can do when you are traveling by car. Nothing is better than taking the whole family or a group of friends on an iconic road trip. 

After a long winter of the elements bombarding your car going through a lot, it’s a good idea to take some time and money and make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Ready for spring, ready for summer, ready for whatever you want!

9 Things To Do To Get Your Car Ready For Spring

1. Wash Car to Get rid of Snow, Salt, and Dirt

Winter can be very hard on cars. Snow, dirt, slush, ice, and salt from the roads can cause damage to the outside of your car. The first hot and sunny day of spring is a great day to do a giant car wash and scrub the car down. If you have kids, this is a great activity to keep you busy on a Sunday.

2. Get New Wiper Blades After Tha Long Winter

Wiper blades do a lot of work during the winter during all that inclement weather, but they do a lot of work during spring and summer too! This is especially true if you live in a rainy place. You don’t want to be stuck in a sudden spring shower with wiper blades that are less than optimal. Now is an excellent time to replace them and make sure they are working well.

3. Check Tires and Replace if Necessary

Tires are a super important part of the car, and they work hard during winter. Now is the time to check them for any punctures and make sure that the air pressure is where it should be. Fill them up with air if needed and check the tire treads to ensure they are still good. If you need tires, now is an excellent time to get new ones. Don’t have time to go to the car shop? Call RepairSmith! RepairSmith is the easiest way to repair and maintain your car. They offer upfront pricing, online booking, text and phone support, and a service warranty. The best part? Their expert mechanics come to you!

4. Take Off Snow Tires

If you have snow tires on your car, take advantage of the good weather and take them off. Snow tires are great for your car during winter when you need them, but it’s best for your tires and the road if you take them off in the spring and summer.

5. Check And Refill All Fluids

While you always need to make sure your fluids are topped up and doing well, spring is the perfect time to check all fluids and replace oil if required. Make sure everything is filled up correctly, and there are no leaks in any of the canisters.

6. Clean Interior to Get Rid of Dirt and Snow

Messy car? Snowy boots, muddy shoes, water drips- all these combine into making one dirty car! Take some time and vacuum and shampoo your carpets and interiors to clean out everything from winter. Don’t worry! You will have all summer long to make your car look used again!

7. Fix Scratches and Dents From Hail or Snow

Did your car service a hailstorm or a heavy snowstorm? These can cause scratches and dents on your car. Fix these so your car will be spring-ready!

8. Wash the Underside of The Car

The underside of your car can get corroded from snow, slush, or salt. That’s right, the salt that goes on the street and driveway to keep you safe from snow and ice? It isn’t good for the metal underneath your car. If it sits there too long, it can rust the metal, and that is pretty bad. Make sure to wash the underside of your car to get all that salt away. If you arent’ sure how to do this, then hire a professional and make sure they don’t forget to wash underneath the car.

9. Replace And Replenish Emergency Kit

It’s time to look through your emergency kit and replace and replenish what you used. You may need to switch out some winter emergency gear (heavy coats) with some extra summer gear (cooling equipment). Look up what natural disasters most occur in your area and be prepared for those. Make sure to add sunglasses to your car for sunny days and lots of extra water or something to help with dehydration- and a little sunscreen and bug spray can go a long way if you need it! don’t forget to check the batteries on your flashlight and restock those protein bars., You don’t want to be stuck with a depleted kit.

Spring is the perfect time to do some maintenance on your car but when fall rolls around you will need to get your car winter-ready. Check out these Fall Car Care Tips and stay safe on the road!

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