Shopping for Clothes at Nordstrom Rack

Dear Freshman Congresswoman,

I love that you are going thrifting for your new Congress-appropriate clothes. It’s so great for the environment and you are doing a great job showing everyone how to save money on clothes.

I’m just surprised no one has given you this advice as you shop for great clothes: Nordstrom Rack.

Yup. Nordstrom is a pretty expensive store with lots of really nice, designer clothes. I can never afford their stuff but Nordstrom Rack is dirt cheap and I love going there!

Some notable finds over the years:

  • A beautiful top for my grandmother that cost pennies.
  • My son’s first pair of shoes- the fancy name-brand! We had tried on shoes at Nordstrom and then stopped at Nordstrom Rack and found the good quality first walker shoes for dollars! Like, literally a few dollars.
  • Gorgeous suits for my son’s for a family wedding.

Some people hang out at Walmart, BestBuy or other tech stores on Black Friday. I like to head straight towards Nordstrom Rack. They have awesome deals and it’s a great place to stock up on clothes, shoes and accessories for myself and my kids for the next year.

The best part? They have an online site with amazing deals as well so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to do your Nordstrom Rack Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping.

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I like to use Slickdeals to check out the Nordstrom Rack Black Friday Deals. They have a whole page for the deals- some in-store and some coupons and deals that are available online. Will they have Free Shipping for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? They do now which is pretty awesome and the only reason I know that is because I checked out Slickdeals for the all their Nordstrom Rack Deals.

Of course, you should not be spending you cannot afford. Do not buy things just because they are on sale. But, we need clothes and shoes to wear and that is not really an option. One of the best ways to save money when shopping for clothes and shoes is to shop at discount stores like Nordstrom rack to get quality items that will last and won’t get ruined after one season. You want to wear these things for years and be able to use them as hand-me-downs for your other kids or your friend’s kids. You can also donate the clothes when you are finished with them.

Don’t forget to check the clearance section for even more amazing finds. I particularly love getting kids shoes for really cheap and buying the next size up if it’s on major sale because kids go through shoes so quickly and that can really add up- especially if you want to buy good quality.

So this Black Friday I will be checking out Slickdeals Nordstrom Rack Black Friday Deals!




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