She Uninvited a Wedding Guest Because He Couldn’t Make Up His Mind About the Food Options To Be Served

A Reddit user shared a story about how she had to uninvite guests to her wedding after one of them complained about the food options they planned to serve.

Choosy Much?

The food options at this wedding included grilled salmon with lemon and caper sauce, grilled chicken, and mushroom stroganoff. The salmon and chicken were to be served with baby potatoes.

The OP invited one of her female friends and her partner to her wedding. The partner was not impressed with the food options they had. He changed his food choice thrice. He first told the OP that chicken was too plain for a wedding but settled on it before changing to salmon a few days later.

He called again and chose a different food that was outside the options provided. He even contacted the caterer, asking if he could make his own meal.

He wanted steak, vegetables, boiled potatoes, and peppercorn sauce. The caterer (who happens to be the friend’s brother) declined and contacted OP.

The OP was angry that the guest had gone behind her back and contacted the caterer (who was on OP’s payroll). She told him that he would have chicken or nothing.

The guest called her a ‘bridezilla’ and told her to get off her high horse. Her friend (the guest’s partner) called the OP to intervene on his behalf and told the OP that he would get sick if he did not eat red meat.

The OP told her friend that she was welcome to attend the wedding, but her partner was uninvited. The friend blocked the OP on all social media platforms after this incident.

The OP wanted to know whether she did wrong for uninviting him to her wedding following that incident.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community unanimously sided with the OP, and everyone had an opinion regarding the incident.

The Guest Had No Manners or Respect for the Bride

Many users noted that the guest’s action of calling the caterer was out of line. One user said, “The gall of him to call the caterer, and the fact that your friend is on his side is appalling.”

Another user said, “Calling the caterer directly is completely inappropriate in every way. He has no manners.”

“…the fact that he called your caterer behind your back when it’s not even his party is rude and disrespectful beyond belief,” observed a different user.

Another user said that the guest’s actions bordered on rudeness, saying, “This person is being ridiculous and rude. Personally, I’d have revoked his invitation after he contacted the caterer. If he can’t make a choice from the options available he can eat beforehand or afterwards.”

No One “Needs” Steak

A user was quick to point out that no one ‘needs’ steak to survive, and another person noted that it was just a ploy (on the guest’s side) to eat an expensive meal for free, “No one “needs” steak. This man is ridiculous and his partner is enabling him.”

“No one is going to die if they don’t have red meat for one day,” Another person said.

The Guest Just Wanted To Cause Drama

A user noted that the OP allowed the guest to change options several times, but they still were not satisfied, “You offered the options and allowed them to change several times. This person sounds like they just want to cause drama and be difficult. I’d probably rethink their invitation.”

Pick One of the Options and Pretend to Like It

One user argued that since a wedding is a one-time affair, guests should choose from the options given, pretend to like it, and eat whatever they wish later, “The only acceptable response from a guest to whom none of the options appeal is to graciously pick one and pretend to enjoy it.”

“I get that a wedding’s options might not be your favorite, but if you need red meat, pick at what you can and then stop at Burger King on the way home,” another person added.

Exceptions for People With Legitimate Conditions Are Allowed

One user put everything into perspective, saying, “The only exceptions that you can make are for people with legitimate medical conditions or people with religious restrictions or sincere beliefs (vegetarians, vegans, allergies, celiac disease, kosher, halal, and the like).”


Do you think the OP was out of line for not accommodating the guest? Do you think she should have let him cook steak as he wished? What are your thoughts on this?

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