She REFUSED To Wear the Jewelry That the Bride Picked: The Bride Called Her SELFISH for “Not Pushing Through Uncomfortableness For

A Reddit user shared her story of refusing to wear the jewelry that the bride chose because she is allergic.

Sensitive Skin

The original poster (OP) explained that she was a bridesmaid at her friends’ wedding. She and her friend had been friends since middle school, and she and his fiancee became great friends over the course of four years. The wedding is in March, and everyone began discussing bridesmaid attire this month.

The dresses and shoes were picked out and ordered, and the conversation turned to accessories. To everyone’s surprise, she had already picked out jewelry. The issue for OP was that it was all gold. OP said that gold jewelry always makes her break out and get rashes. OP told her that she couldn’t wear it, and she said that it was her day and OP wouldn’t have to wear it for very long.

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She didn’t think it was a big deal because “it’s not like it would kill you.” OP said it would still cause her to break out in a rash, and it would be uncomfortable and itchy. The bride called her selfish for “not pushing through uncomfortableness for her big day,” and OP responded and said she didn’t care if she was the bride and it was her day; it doesn’t give her the right to force someone to wear something that causes them physical discomfort and that she is the selfish one.

OP also told her that if she had to wear the jewelry, she wouldn’t be part of the wedding. The other bridesmaids think she’s being too harsh, but the groom is on her side and is trying to talk to his fiancee and convince her to let OP wear different jewelry.

Finding Solutions

OP ended up texting her and offering her some alternatives that she could wear. She suggested a coating, but the bride didn’t want to risk ruining the jewelry because it was expensive. She told OP that she would wear a fake piece that looked like the original. OP said the problem is, the bride wants her to pay for it since she was unable to wear the original jewelry.

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OP said she is already on an extremely tight budget and has been working extra shifts at work to set money aside for travel and other expenses for the wedding. The bride originally said she would pay for all accessories, and the bridesmaids would only have to pay for the travel, hotel, hair, and makeup. OP doesn’t think it’s fair that she has to pay for the replacement jewelry when the bride knew about her allergy beforehand.

OP added an update to her post and said that the groom convinced her that she was taking things too far and that she would pay for the replacement jewelry. She said she had been stressed and hadn’t realized the extent of OP’s allergy.

Should the bride have been more sensitive to OP’s allergy to begin with? Should OP have to pay for replacement jewelry? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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