She Feels Betrayed by Her Friend’s Greedy Demands After Her Generous Offer To Pay For Her Mistake

Here’s the story: OP’s family owns a residence in a well-liked tropical location. For years, her friends had talked about visiting the property, and this January was finally the time of year when everything felt perfect for the visit.

Jessica Wanted To Come Along

They had a bigger circle of friends, and one of her acquaintances, “Jessica,” inquired about coming along. She initially resisted, but Jessica insisted in front of everyone and claimed that one of her childhood ambitions was to visit this location.

She was forced to say yes to Jessica.

Bad Idea

They added Jessica to their trip group chat and explained everything. Not only was the itinerary already established, but the other women even budgeted how much they’d be planning on the trip. Jessica could come along, but had to understand everything was already set in stone.

Everything Changed When Jessica Came Along


Things started to take a different turn the instant Jessica arrived there.

First off, she ended up booking her travel separate from the group. Her flight got in at 3 a.m., but the rest of the group didn’t get in until later that morning. OP told Jessica she would have to pay for a taxi herself or wait at the airport until the rest of the group got in.

Jessica was unhappy with that and was passive-aggressive for the rest of the day. Then, Jessica began to grouse about their planned activities.

According to Jessica, she felt judged and unwelcomed by the locals and everywhere they went was too expensive. When they went to a beach club, Jessica threw a tantrum despite their efforts to compromise by doing some touristy things with her.

OP emphasized that Jessica wasn’t compelled to come along and that Jessica was aware of everything that was going to happen before she purchased tickets. Jessica could stay in with the food her parents had stocked up on or venturing out to explore the city.

Kicked Out

Upon their return from the beach, OP found her inbox inundated with messages from Jessica’s friends demanding to know why she had been so cruel to her. Apparently, Jessica took the situation to social media, where she portrayed herself as the victim and the others as the bullies.

She finally lost her patience, and the two got into a fight, during which Jessica hurled some really harsh insults at her. So she kicked Jessica out.


She was ashamed of how she had dealt with it. This country, and the area they were in, is safe, but it is not idiot-proof. She would have blamed herself if something terrible had happened. She chose to act maturely and reach out to Jessica. Their conversation went splendidly. Jessica said that she had initially been excited about the plan. She hoped to be dazzled by the city’s “glitz and glamor.” And she assumed that At the beach clubs, the men would buy her drinks and take her out to dinner so she wouldn’t have to spend any money.

Unfortunately, reality did not go as planned, and Jessica began to get angry anytime one of them received male attention. The final straw was when she refused to allow Jessica borrow a wetsuit from her when they went scuba diving. Jessica didn’t fit in any of their extras, and she didn’t want them to stretch or break. Jessica stated that it exacerbated her imposter syndrome and body dysmorphia. Therefore she refused to visit hot locations with them because it impacted her mental health.

While she sympathized with Jessica, she made Jessica see that they were not at fault for sticking to their original plan and not bending to Jessica’s concerns. They never once bullied her. Thus she was utterly wrong to smear them online. Jessica apologized.

She also apologized for kicking her out during their fight and offered to pay for her hotel and any fees she incurred. Jessica thanked her and said she would request the payment on a money app.

Back to Square One

Everything was going well until OP saw the request for €5.000,00 ($5433.35).

She texted Jessica, asking if this was the right amount. Jessica said yes. OP asked for receipts, but Jessica didn’t have any. She asked for bank statements or any sort of proof.

Did OP do the right thing?

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