Internet Backs Husband Who Goes to Funeral Despite His Wife Being Deliberately Not Invited Because Of A “Petty” Fight

A Reddit user shared her story of asking her husband not to attend their friend’s funeral after she was excluded.

Tragic Loss

The original poster (OP) explained that her husband’s friend passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. OP said she was devastated by the loss and that she was good friends with the deceased.

However, she added that she was not on such good terms with his widow. OP said she can’t pinpoint exactly why they don’t get along; they just don’t.

OP said they had a big blowup after posting health updates about her friend on her social media account. OP thought this was normal since they had a lot of mutual friends, but the widow didn’t appreciate it.

She called OP names and blocked her. The funeral is in a couple of days, and OP found out that the widow had not invited her but that her husband had received an invitation.

OP told her husband that she expected him to stay home and not go after she wasn’t invited. Her husband snapped at her and said that what she expected was unfair and that the “petty” fight between OP and the widow wasn’t his concern.

OP told him that she’s his wife and he should stand by her, especially when she’s being treated like this, but he repeated that it wasn’t his problem.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community was not very sympathetic to OP’s situation.

One user said, “I’d be furious too if a non-relative posted health updates about my husband on social media without asking either of us first. Someone’s personal health struggles aren’t your issues to use to get clout or sympathy.”

Another user chimed in, “Agreed. OP thinks the whole world revolves around herself. This is not about you OP, its about your husband’s friend, keep your own petty issues out of this.”

Another user added, “YTA X 2.

  1. You posted private information about Joe’s health without his family’s explicit permission. HUGE no-no.

  2. Your husband is 100% correct that you’re placing your petty grievance over the pain he feels for the loss of his friend. The only reasonable thing to do is suck it up, let him grieve, and keep your mouth shut about Joe’s wife, for the foreseeable future.

I really suspect that your ostracism didn’t come out of nowhere. More of a “last straw” (last pile of bricks, really) for Joe’s wife.”

Another user agreed, “YTA. You shared personal medical information about someone without their consent or their wife’s consent, then try to prevent your husband to go to his FRIEND’S FUNERAL because you were not invited.

Stop making this all about you. You being not invited was 100% of you own making. You husband, on the other hand, did nothing wrong. Let him go and mourn his friend.”

Is OP justified in asking her husband to stay behind and not attend the funeral? Is it fair for OP to involve her husband in the issues she’s having with the widow? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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