She ‘Created a Scene’ at a Restaurant With Her Best Friend When Her Friend Showed Up With Her Boyfriend

A Reddit user shared her story of wanting to have dinner with her best friend, but she shows up with her boyfriend even though she said she wouldn’t bring him.

Girl’s Night

The original poster (OP) explained that she and her best friend were planning on going out to dinner at a new place. Her best friend asked if she could bring her boyfriend. OP had heard about him and didn’t like him very much, so she politely said no and that she wanted to just have girl time. She said that she would meet him some other time.

OP arrived early at the restaurant and reserved a table. Her friend showed up a little while later with her boyfriend. OP was nice in front of him, but she pulled her friend aside and told her that it wasn’t okay that she brought him. She said it was a “surprise,” and then she got upset when OP rolled her eyes.

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They go to buy the food, and OP buys hers. Her friend buys both her and her boyfriend’s. When the bill came, she divided it in two. At first, when she looked, OP jokingly asked if she was giving her a treat too, and her friend said no, that she was just splitting it between the two of us. Her boyfriend ordered two burgers for himself and a pitcher of lemonade. OP asked if he was going to pay for himself, and her friend said, “I got him here so that YOU can meet him. He’s here only for you; you can pay for him after making him feel unwelcome; it’s the least you can do.”

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Cheaping Out

OP was furious. She paid for her food, returned to the table, and politely asked for the money. He said, “I came here to meet you; I assumed it was your treat; I am not paying.” OP stood up, asked the server for a to-go box, and called her friend’s boyfriend a “cheapo” and “good for nothing.”

She told her friend that she was no better. She told the cashier to take the bill from him after pointing at him. She then walked out and went home. OP was supposed to be her ride home, but she didn’t care. Her friend kept calling and saying she had created a scene for no reason and that she didn’t have enough cash for a cab back home and to pay for the food.

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OP told her to use PayPal and have her parents cut the money from her next monthly allowance. After that, she sent multiple messages insisting that OP apologize to her boyfriend, but OP hasn’t replied. Her parents are going to take the extra money out of her next month’s allowance, so she’s upset about that as well.

Was OP right to refuse to pay for her friend’s boyfriend’s food? Did he have a right to expect her to? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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