She Called Her Dad’s New Girlfriend a Gold Digger and He Agrees With Her but He Is Still Mad

A dad uninvited his daughter to dinner after she called his new girlfriend a gold digger. The daughter was right- the girlfriend is only with him for his money, but the dad is annoyed at his daughter for saying so.

Meet the Girlfriend

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The original poster (OP) explained that he and his daughter have never really been close. He divorced her mother when his daughter was 13 and only saw her every few months and on holidays.

OP said he blames himself since, after the divorce, he went through a midlife crisis. Over the past few years, OP said that he dated around, but there was never anything serious.

He has been dating his current girlfriend for around six months. He invited most of his family out for dinner to meet his girlfriend and introduce them to her. Everyone seemed to like her, and OP said they had a fun dinner.

She’s a Gold Digger

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After a few glasses of wine, he and his daughter got into an argument. During the argument, she called his girlfriend a gold digger and left shortly after.

OP said that he is not delusional and understands that one of the reasons his girlfriend is with him is because of money. He assumed everyone else in the family knew too.

Daughter Not Invited to BBQ

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He says it’s the same as part of the reason he’s with his girlfriend is because of her looks. Last weekend, OP said he threw a BBQ dinner at his house and invited most of the family again.

OP chose not to invite his daughter this time. OP said she obviously doesn’t like his girlfriend, and he didn’t want a repeat of the last situation.

When his daughter found out she wasn’t invited,  she sent him angry messages calling him a “selfish, narcissistic jerk.” One of OP’s sisters has taken his side and said he should have invited her.

The Masses Weigh In

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The Reddit community wasn’t very kind to OP.

One user said, “I bet she remembers what the argument was about. So she can forgive your midlife crisis making you drop out of her life and become a deadbeat dad, but you cut her out of your life for calling your gold digger girlfriend a gold digger during an argument? It really doesn’t take much for you to leave her, does it? YTA, obviously.”

He Is a Narcissist

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Another user chimed in, “He probably “doesn’t remember” what caused the argument because his daughter more than likely said something that was true and he didn’t like it, so he got {annoyed} with her which made the conversation spiral into an argument. Now he’s blaming his daughter for the argument and “ruining the evening” because he is a narcissist, just like his daughter said.”

Your Daughter Is Right

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Another user added, “YTA. So you’re dating a younger woman for her looks and she’s dating you for your money. Why are you so offended when your daughter is right? You are a selfish narcissistic jerk, if you’ve essentially abandoned her for her entire teenage years and now you’re trying to introduce your sugarbaby to the family as a serious relationship. She’s closer to your daughters age than your own! Then you throw a party and disinvite her because you’re hurt from her telling you the honest truth of the situation, that you agree with. You were drunk too and don’t even remember the conversation! I get that you don’t care about how much you hurt your daughter but Jesus guy, do better.”

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