Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile Announces Sell Out to T-Mobile in “Annoucemint”

Consumers have grown to love Mint Mobile, the cheap cellphone provider headed by Ryan Reynolds.

Besides the great advertising, mainly featuring Ryan Reynolds, the provider offers low-cost cellphone plans that are easy to use.


In an “announcemint” sent out on March 15, Mint Mobile said, “We believe bringing together these two innovative brands will supercharge our mission to provide you with the most affordable premium wireless service.”

They continued, “Mint Mobile has run on the T-Mobile network since day one, and now that we’ve joined forces with T-Mobile, we’ll be able to bring the best value in wireless to a whole new level. More importantly, we have no plans to change our $15 per month pricing, and you will continue to benefit from the same reliable and affordable service that has defined Mint Mobile since the beginning.”

They said, “This exciting arrangemint will allow us to accelerate our subscriber-centric approach and deliver the Mint Mobile experience you’ve come to expect while securing permanent access to the nation’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.”

What Does This Mean?

What does this mean for users of the popular service? We don’t know how this will play out, and initially, it probably won’t affect consumers too much, but in the long run, T-Mobile does not have a good traffic record of treating customers properly.

Customers can’t be blamed for feeling disappointed in what can only be seen as a “Sell-out.” As more and more companies combine into a few telecom monoliths, customers are once again getting the short end of the stick.

Mint Mobile shared the following video in an email to customers, which Ryan Reynolds posted on his YouTube Channel.

“Here to talk about that are two names you might know: Mint Mobile Owner, Ryan Reynolds, and T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert.”


Cellphone providers are notorious for trapping customers into long contracts and for charging high prices for very little service. Mint Mobile was bucking the trend by offering easy, low-cost plans that helped consumers get quality cell phone service without breaking the bank.

What do you think? Will this merger be a good thing for consumers or be another case of a large company ruining the good thing a small company had going? 

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