RFK Jr. Shakes Up 2024 Presidential Race with Independent Bid

On October 9th, in Philadelphia, Robert F Kennedy Jr is set to make a groundbreaking announcement, as revealed in a statement from his campaign. The statement emphasizes that Kennedy intends to chart a new course for American politics, one that aims to bridge the deep partisan divisions plaguing the nation.

Continuing the Legacy

Des Moines, Iowa, USA - August 12, 2023: Author and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. greets supporters at the Iowa State Fair political soapbox in Des Moines, Iowa.
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After dedicating the past half-year to his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, he is anticipated to break away from the party and declare an independent run for the presidency. This pivotal announcement will take place in Philadelphia, where Kennedy will address the American people.

Kennedy’s bid for the Democratic nomination, initiated in April against Joe Biden, has encountered formidable challenges. Despite his efforts, he has maintained an average polling percentage of approximately 15% within the Democratic ranks. The struggle to gain ground against Biden has been evident.

Family History

Rome, Italy - September 29, 2022, detail of the image of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America from 1961 to 1963, in an old photo folder.
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Robert F Kennedy Jr, hailing from a family of prominent Democrats like his uncle John F Kennedy and father Robert F Kennedy, who both tragically met their ends through assassinations, has attracted criticism for promoting conspiracy theories and opposing vaccines. His statements, such as attributing “leaky brain” to WiFi and linking chemicals in water to gender dysphoria, have drawn considerable controversy.

Fighting Allegations

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In July, Kennedy faced allegations of antisemitism for suggesting that Covid-19 had discriminatory targets, sparing Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people. During the same month, the Congressional Integrity Project, a political watchdog, released a report documenting Kennedy’s associations with and endorsement of racists, antisemites, and extremist conspiracy theorists. These developments underscore the complex and divisive nature of his presidential campaign.

Surprising Trend

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Kennedy’s presidential campaign, initially aligned with the Democratic party, has produced a surprising trend. Polls indicate that his popularity transcends traditional party lines, with greater support from Republicans than from his fellow Democrats.

In his campaign strategy, Kennedy has made appearances on platforms not typically associated with Democratic candidates. He has been featured on Fox News, a prominent rightwing news channel, and has participated in podcasts hosted by figures such as Steve Bannon, a former advisor to Donald Trump, and Alex Jones, a prominent rightwing conspiracy theorist. These choices reflect his unconventional approach to the campaign trail.

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