Rebel Wilson SLAMMED for Meghan Markle Comments After Saying She Wasn’t Warm After Asking Her RUDE Questions

Rebel Wilson is being slammed online after commenting on What Happens Live with Andy Cohen about her meeting with Meghan Markle in Santa Barbara.

In the interview, she said she and her mom met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and while Prince Harry “could not have been nicer,” Meghan was “not as cool” after they asked her rude questions.

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Meghan Not Naturally Warm

“Rebel Wilson says Meghan Markle wasn’t as “naturally warm” as Prince Harry after Rebel’s mother asked her a bunch of rude questions”

Rebel Was Rude First

Twitter users quickly pointed out that Wilson and her mother were rude to Meghan first.

“White women continue to paint black women as villains. Rebel Wilson has openly mocked Meghan and admitted in interview he mom was being rude and annoying but is trying to say Meghan was the problem.”

“So let me get this straight: Rebel Wilson & her mother were rude to Meghan Markle but Rebel was surprised Meghan wasn’t warm & cuddly with them? Where they do that at?”

Award Shows

Others pointed out that Rebel Wilson mocked Meghan at a BAFTA award show when she was the host, so it is unsurprising that Meghan wasn’t “feeling warm” towards her.

“Dear fellow White Woman,

. When you publicly mock a biracial woman at the BAFTAS for clout, you and your rude mother had BETTER believe she will not let you cross her boundaries in person. Now, go be mediocre on your own time. #MeghanMarkle is not your property”


Is This a Race Thing?

Some pointed out that this is an example of a white woman “playing the victim.”

“White women have this thing where they will outright disrespect you. But if you respond to it negatively, they will gaslight you and play the victim. Rebel Wilson proved it with this interaction and retelling.”

Another person wrote, “The way Rebel Wilson first laughingly said that Meghan wasn’t warm to her, jokingly setting the tone for some cheap laughs and anti Meghan sentiments and then brought it up that her mom was rude to Meghan instead of speaking the other way round is peak caucasity.”

Can’t Expect Someone To Be Welcoming

“Hold on. Rebel Wilson’s mum asks Meghan Markle rude questions and now Rebel is prattling on about how Meghan wasn’t ‘naturally warm’ to them. There’s a lot to unpick here but let’s start off with the fact that you can’t expect someone to be welcoming when you are rude to them. ”


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