People Want To Be More Productive Than Happy, a Survey Finds

According to the Headway self-growth app, over 60% of people crave being more productive and prioritize productivity over happiness.

A recent in-app survey by the Headway self-growth app, covering over 1M users, shows that people from the U.S., the UK, and Australia share a top self-development goal — to be more productive.

On the brink of recession, 63% of Americans focus on maximizing productivity. Earning more money and being healthy rank #2 and #3 on the priorities list, followed by the strive for happiness. The goal to win at work didn’t even make it to the top 5, despite being a suggested option.

“Productivity is not about doing more. It’s about doing less but focusing on what’s most important,” Anton Pavlovsky, Founder of Headway EdTech startup.


Experts highlight redefining the concept of productivity, as people tend to resist hustle culture and the “living to work” approach, opting for wellness instead.

“I’ve been practicing being honest with myself and stepping back in different situations. The idea is saying no, yes, either YEAH, TOTALLY! or no, as writer and programmer Derek Sivers recommends. It’s not easy, especially at the beginning, but useful: it helps me not to waste time on things I don’t want or need,” comments Anton Pavlovsky, Productivity Expert and Founder of Headway EdTech startup.

Instead of diving into hustle or falling into the trap of procrastination, it’s better to go deep inside and realize what is best for your efficiency, mental state, and well-being.

“We were taught that the more you do, the better, but that’s far from the truth. Real productivity is being able to get better at what we do and so, therefore, achieve more in less time,” says Jon Prince, Mindset Coach.

Alter Our Understanding of Productivity

This approach radically alters our understanding of productivity. While striving to do more often leads to exhaustion, aiming to improve the quality of your skills and focusing on what is important will result in higher efficiency and overall satisfaction.

“Keeping a mindful approach to work, rest, and balance is essential. You need to relax well to work well. If you are overloaded with dozens of tasks, completing all of them at the cost of overtime will lead to poor quality. I believe that productivity starts from prioritizing work, focusing on the main tasks, and doing them the best way possible to be happy about both the process and the results,” highlights Mariana Boloban, Career Expert and Head of People at Headway.

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