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My Unconvential Advice to Help You Grocery Shop on A Budget.

This one shopping hack will save you money at the grocery checkout!

We’ve all heard the common advice about shopping on a budget: make a list and stick to it. We’ve all heard it. Plan out what you need and then only buy what you need. Meal plan, meal plan- we’ve all heard it! However, when it comes to foods shopping however, I say: do the opposite!

When shopping on a tight budget, I go to the store, see what’s on sale and then plan my meals around what I buy. So I do meal plan- but based on what I bought, I don’t buy based on what I plan. Tomatoes are on sale? Go home and google tomato recipes. Canned corn is on sale? Look in your cookbooks for recipes with corn. Some of my favorite food recipes I found because I was searching what to do with food that I bought. And you will discover new foods that you like. I had a memorable two weeks where I tried tons of beet dishes because beets were dirt cheap. Turns out I really like beets!

Obviously don’t buy two pounds of bulgur just because it was on sale if you never tried it before and you may not like it but once you do try it and love it, run out and buy some more- some for eating and some for stocking up. It’s a good habit to buy one extra thing to keep in your pantry. When a staple or a favorite goes on sale, buy it and put it in your closet.

When you plan your meals around what’s cheap and available you can stay within your budget and eat deliciously even when you’re tightly budgeted. Don’t fall into the trap of finding delicious recipes online that have exotic or expensive ingredients and then go buy them. Buy the ingredients and then go find the delicious recipes!

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