About Death and Incapacitation

death and incapitation

Are you prepared for when your spouse dies? It is not something we like to talk about or even think about but unfortunately, it is something that we need to deal with.  A bunch of us were collecting money for … Read More

It’s a New Year! (for parents anyways)

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Are your kids heading back to school now? Are you finally getting back into the routines that dominate most of the year? While you are luxuriating in early wakeups, structured days, and normal bedtimes, it’s time to do what is … Read More

Click Here for a Condescending Post

Click Here for a Condescending Post

It seems like all personal finance bloggers have to have a condescending post where they speak to the masses as if they are children and have no clue why they are poor or struggling. It’s the thing to do, so … Read More

Why I Didn’t Get a Raise

Sometimes its worth it to play mind games with yourself. You have the power to convince yourself of something. I do this often when it comes to finances. When I got a raise I convinced myself that I didn’t get … Read More

3 Tips to Boost your Savings


Are you looking for ways to boost your savings? Here are 3 tips to boost your savings and increase your savings today. These tips will help you feel better about your savings goals and your savings in general.   Savings. We … Read More