Thanksgiving Day Feast on a Budget


You want to have a huge Thanksgiving Day Feast with friends and family, but you don’t really want to break the bank either. Here are some ways to create a feast on a budget.  Big family meals. Tables laden with … Read More

The Number 1 Problem with Personal Finance

Extremism in Personal Finance I just read a whole thread on Twitter “bashing” FIRE and extreme miserliness. The gist was “Why be miserable just to save money?”. It then started veering into the mentality of “If I can’t/don’t want to … Read More

Shopping with Kids: A Terrible Combination

family shopping with kids in grocery store

Shopping and kids make a terrible combination. Here is how I go shopping with my kids and not lose my mind or temper.  We’ve all seen it: the kid screaming in the store because they so desperately want the toy … Read More

Do you have your holiday list done?

Holiday Budgeting Fun! I’m being sarcastic. There is nothing fun about trying to fit the joy of the holiday season into a meager, or any, budget. I’m Jewish, so I am super lucky to have fewer expectations upon me this … Read More

Why My Kids Get No Screen Time

No Screen Time My kids get no “screen time”- in other words, they don’t watch TV. We don’t own one and I don’t allow them to watch anything on our tablet or phones either. Actually, my kids don’t even ask … Read More