How to Stay Sane At Home With Your Kids

So happy that we have Rebekah from SmartMoney microcast who homeschools to share some of her tips for….

Staying Sane with Kids at Home

Hi everyone!


Since all of you reading this are likely either quarantined or in some form of self-isolation, I wanted to list some frugal ideas that will hopefully keep you sane if you are also trying to work from home and/or have kids home from school.



Just a little background – I am a stay at home mom who homeschools. And I’ve got an edge – I have two boys, 7 and 5 years old. We don’t have a TV, the kids have watched one video in their entire lives (I broke down and played I want a hippopotamus for Christmas on a cross country road trip at 10 pm), and they don’t do screen time. Trust me, I know what it’s like to have the little dears underfoot 24/7. So I wanted to list some ideas and tips for keeping everyone sane and hopefully not impact your wallet too much.

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Make Money Online Slowly

Make Money Online Slowly

How to Make Very Little Money Online

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When I was unemployed I was pretty desperate for money. I woke up very morning and applied for at least 3 jobs a day and then I had lots of time on mind and not much to do. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who fanaticizes about time off to do whatever it is you need to do but the reality is that after the first day it gets old pretty quick. This is particularly true if you have no extra (or any) money to spend.

Shopping, going out all cost money. Even “free things” cost money if you factor in transportation. Experimenting with fun new meals or baking- all cost money. Organizing your closets are good but can be done pretty quickly especially if you are not buying new containers or labels.

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