Stimulus Check

How I am Spending my Stimulus Check

Did you get a stimulus check?


Many American citizens are about to or have already gotten, a stimulus checks from the government. I am one of the lucky ones who has already received it in my bank account! Very exciting and very needed at this point. I am lucky enough to still have a job. However, since I get paid by the hour my paycheck is way down. With kids at home, not much work is getting done. I am also concerned about the security of my job since I work in a real-estate adjacent field. I can’t imagine that it won’t be affected (here are some steps to take if you are nervous about your job). What that will mean I don’t know.

stimulus check

Here is how I am going to use my “check”:


We got the deposit and immediately transferred it into my Barclays Savings account. That is where I keep my large emergency fund. We have been working for a while to save up between 3-6 months of expenses. We are not there yet. I have never had the balance been as large as it is today!


Figuring out our new budget

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At-Home Learning

Entering the World of At-Home Learning

This isn’t really a blog post as I don’t have much time to write these days. Like many people, I am trying to keep my head above water.

The kids are home and I am lucky enough to still be working. I do have reduced hours but I am trying to be indispensable so that I am not the first to go. I like to pretend that things are in my control even though, as the past month or so has taught us that nothing is in our control.

at-home learning

Like many people around the world, I am worried about getting sick, worried about others getting sick and yes, worried about the economy and how it will affect me and those who I love (and don’t love).

Even while people are dying, we still have to live and pay the bills and buy food. I do have a renewed sense of gratefulness for everything that I have- including my health. Many relatives of mine are very sick so I am trying to spend more time calling family members especially my grandparents.

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How To Invest During A Financial Crisis

Guest Post by Marco Carreira! Marco Carreira is the founder of Carreira Finance. He is a personal finance coach who teaches people how to make better financial decisions. His goal is to help them make more out of their money.

How To Invest During A Financial Crisis

A financial crisis is devastating for our personal finance. There is no perfect way to get ready for it, and it’s inevitable. Experts tells us that each of us will go through many financial crisis in our lifetime.

Yet, there are ways to reduce their impact on our finance. This article will go over investment best practices and how to invest during a financial crisis.

financial crisis

What is a financial crisis?

A sharp decline in asset values in a short period is what triggers a financial crisis. Its often driven by the fear of the unknown from investors.

But when the economy is taking a hit, it also affects customers and businesses as they start to default on their debt payments.

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