Pick Up the Phone and Call

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How about you pick up the phone and call? The Power of Human Interaction Before my first semester of college, I was dealing with all the paperwork and details of my HOPE scholarship that would pay for the bulk of … Read More

Budgeting and Culture

Religion and culture and our Social Circles (I am going to use these interchangeably- I know they are different!) affect every part of our lives. What we do, what we wear, how we live, the decisions we make, and especially … Read More

Preparing for The Good

5 great books

Why should you read books about investing and money management if you have no money to invest or manage? It seems a little silly to read about investing when you’re lucky enough to be able to build a basic emergency … Read More

One Thing After Another

Budget Fatigue

How To Budget for One Thing After Another Fighting Budget Fatigue When a few big scheduled events happen in close succession, it poses a bit of a budgeting challenge. Do you budget one big lump sum? Do you budget for … Read More

Always Remember the Why

When you have to make deep cuts Remember your Why

When times get tough, you must remember the why.  The problem with buying things you need is that you can’t buy things that you want. It seems that I want a lot of things. It can be tough to deal … Read More