Basic Guide To Budgeting and Personal Finance

bills and coins

Are you clueless when it comes to Budgeting and Personal Finance? There is help! Here is the Basic Guide to Budgeting and Personal Finance, which will get you and your financial future on track! I wish I had someone to … Read More

How Budgeting Saved My Marriage


When I got pregnant with my first child, we knew we had to save money. We had been bopping around before then, putting money on credit cards and paying it off, taking some money and putting it into savings, taking … Read More

3 Containers and Brown Fruit


Do you have a problem with a overripe fruit in your house? I do! Unfortunately, my taste buds and my kids pickiness often work hard to overcome my desire to save food and eliminate extra waste. I pack lunches for … Read More

Why I Didn’t Get a Raise

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Sometimes it is worth it to play mind games with yourself. You have the power to convince yourself of something. I do this often when it comes to finances. When I got a raise, I convinced myself that I didn’t … Read More

Click Here for a Condescending Post

Click Here for a Condescending Post

It seems like all personal finance bloggers have to have a condescending post where they speak to the masses as if they are children and have no clue why they are poor or struggling. But, it’s the thing to do, … Read More