Looking for A Job?

Looking for a Job

Are you Unemployed? Being unemployed can be an extremely stressful and difficult situation. I’ve been there, and to put it mildly; it’s not fun. Searching for a job can oftentimes be frustrating, upsetting, and even demeaning. The job search can … Read More

It’s All About the Budgeting

cup of coffee on pile of coffee beans

Half of the personal-finance pundits’ rail against it. It is the evil of our generation. It is the reason why so many are in debt. In fact, it is the main reason why so many people have so much debt, … Read More

A Tale of 2 Births


Let me tell you a tale of two births Both beautiful and amazing. One that took place in the US of A One that took place in a nameless country, we’ll call it “Other Country”. The difference you ask? The … Read More

How to Celebrate Passover Without Debt

Passover on a Budget

Passover is behind us and with it all the myriads of expenses associated with celebrating this, and any, holiday. Passover may be one of the most expensive Jewish Holidays and, therefore, probably causes the most stress! Passover is also a … Read More

Celebrating Purim on a Budget

noisemakers on a wooden table. Purim on a budget

I love Purim! Just like any other holiday, Purim can be quite costly if you don’t prepare and plan. Here is how I am celebrating Purim on a budget.  Holidays are important. Spreading joy is important. Holidays are not a … Read More